Gun Control

In the US Gun control is another "hot button" topic. Lots of people feel very strongly, one way or the other. I've always tried to keep a dispassionate skepticism with regard to gun control. It's a Subject that's exceptionally easy to become emotionally driven by. Fear is an irrational motivator; Which both sides of the debate are drowning in. Nobody thinks clearly or well when they're afraid. I recognise and fully admit my fear response gives me a deep aversion to guns. I think the second amendment is an outdated relic, from a time that has little in common with the politics and technology of the world we live in today. Idealy it would be removed, or substantially altered; But for for several important reasons that's not realistic. That's just my fear talking.

Acknowledging that fact is important. It's the first step to a rational discussion about what to do. I have talked to a few people on the topic and found that the people in favor of guns are very willing to have this discussion. Much more so than those whom my fear impulse tends to agree with. So it's to those people. The ones who want to have a reasoned discussion about controlling gun violence that I propose the following idea.

The constitution guarantees that americans are allowed to own guns. It makes no provision for ammunition however. It would appear that ammunition can be constitutionally regulated and/or outlawed as the government sees fit. Not that I recommend outlawing ammunition.

What I do recommend is taxing it, and regulating its ingredients like pseudoephedrine is in pharmacies. By tax it, I mean ridiculously. Something like $20 per round. If a box of 20 costs more than $400, you know people aren't going to be wasting it. By regulating I mean to collect information on who buys how much.

Maybe a licensed shooting range exception could be made. They could sell the ammo tax free, so long as they knew none of it left their facility unfired. Ranges could also be used in an ammunition buyback program. They could be allowed to buy ammunition from the public at maybe half the tax rate, for which they would be reimbursed by the government. They can then turn around and sell it, for their patrons to use at the range. Giving them a 100% profit.

Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure there are consequences to this idea I'm unaware of. Maybe some that make it a completely unusable concept regardless of the debateable details. If so let me know below. Please.

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