Star Wars "Teaser 2"

The first real Star Wars trailer landed today. I looks fantastic.
Go ahead and watch it.

Now you've seen it. It was awesome. Lets move on. Would you call that a teaser trailer? Seriously; Would you?

I wouldn't. Maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought a teaser trailer was one that was made before they started shooting. So it has no real scenes or clips of the actual movie. The most recent teaser trailer that I would call an actual teaser trailer, was for Anchorman 2. The principal cast was lined up side by side on a stage, in costume and character, announcing the movie in a funny way. No clips, no idea as to what the plot would be, just something to let you know it's coming, and give you a chuckle because it's a comedy.

More often today it seems like teaser trailers are only defined by the fact the release date is more than 2 months away. If the movie comes out in less than 8 weeks they're not allowed to use the teaser word anymore.

It bugs me. It's a little thing, I know. But it bugs me when terms loose or change their meanings, because of marketing. It's almost as if advertisers get to define words the language.

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