Happy Birthday / Rhapsody

Have you ever had a friend make a copy of an album for you? It's awesome. You love it. Then a decade later you realise you lost it. You can't remember the name of the band, or album or any other information that would make it easy to search for. All you remember is what it sounded like. And you would pay $100 to hear it again. Did that ever happen to you?

Over the years I've been listening to melodic and power metal on and off, trying to find that album. A couple of weeks ago I finally found it!

I had Google Play Music going in the background while I did other things. Suddenly my brain snapped its attention to the song. I knew this music! This was it! Emerald Sword on the Symphony of Enchanted Lands album by Rhapsody (Now Rhapsody of Fire due to a trademark dispute). It's fantastic. Have a listen…

Also... Today really is my birthday. So Happy Birthday to Me!

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